Fight for Your Kidney with Ideal Food

Kidneys are most important tools of our body that keeps all the toxins of our body at bay. It’s job is to filter out all the toxins of the body through urination, flushing out extra water, any residual nutrients that is left over in body. To keep our kidneys healthy Water is the most important substance.

We need to drink 3 to 3 .5 liters of water daily to keep ourselves hydrated, and also to ensure that our kidneys function properly. But what happens when your kidneys stop functioning and you are diagnosed with renal failure and you have been put in dialysis.

There comes the biggest jolt of your life; now your entire life is dependent on food and water intake. Your entire life becomes dependent on calorie count and amount of water intake.

Your food must contain low sodium, potassium, phosphorus and restricted protein, whereas when you are going through dialysis, you must have high protein food to combat the aftereffect of dialysis.

It is very difficult to prepare such kinds of food without experience, expertise and supervision. For the first time in India as well as globally, we present you Palli Food, the one and only of it’s kind where we prepare food for kidney patients, who are undergoing dialysis. We at Palli Food Kolkata, comes with expertise and experience of preparing food that are ideal for kidney patients.

We use doctor’s prescribed food chart based on patient’s health condition and after consulting with our own nutritionists we curated complete meal for kidney patients, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We make sure the food that we prepare should be tasty as well, because healing happens both through ideal nutritious food but that are tasty as well.

We care about every patients like you do for your own loved ones. Contact Palli Food Kolkata today.

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