Journey from Taste Bazar to Palli Food

Our Story and some more

Our Glory Story

2014 : What was wrong

It was Durgapuja our main festival, our cook was on holiday, I wanted to indulge in outside food and fell sick.

2015 : The Bright Idea

Since 2014 I was realising Kolkata is having a huge gap between healthy outside food and junk food. So my Friend and I with two glasses of beer came up with an idea of start something that will complete the gap.

2016 : The Idea Takes Life

It took us 1 whole year to learn, understand and create a sustainable idea of how can we create a home delivery service that will serve people the right kind of food.

2017 : The Journey Begins

In 2017 we came up with Pallifood, a home delivery service that keeps in mind about the health of the customer and at the same time creates awesome delicious food.

Palli Food; The food that falls in love with your body instantly

MALLIEKKAA CHATTERJEE| Founder & Director--Taste Bazar


Which Are Precious

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