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Pallifood is “first Palliative food service” provider in India. Palliative food services one of the most important that is given to any patient. Pallifood provides “Palliative Food for Terminally Ill People”. Pallifood offers “palliative Food Care Service in Kolkata” Get Palliative Food At Home Now . This food service is essentially for the patients who are terminally ill for a long term and just like palliative service are being offered to them; they are also given palliative food service.

In Palli Food, we intend to provide our patients “feel good” food, as we genuinely believe good health lies in good taste.  While laying on bed all a person could think is how dull their life has become, without any taste in any food. So it is our endeavor that they get their life back through their taste buds once again. The taste in food makes them feel happy, that happiness will boost up their moral to recover; they will at least have a purpose that is having good food.

Get Home Delivery of Palliative Food for Terminally ill People

We provide palliative food based on the food chart provided by the doctor, but as an innovator, I tend to add flavor and color to the food that would stimulate the brain of the patients.

 Sometimes unfortunately we get introduced to our customers when they are on tubes and they have lost the ability to eat and gulp on their own and they need artificial nutritional support, we are fully equipped with the process of Ryles tube feeding. We are also well aware of enteral feeding in adult, which is commonly known as EFT. 

We are aware and equally concerned about your wellbeing, so if you are into chemotherapy or dialysis, we are aware that you will need you will need extra amount of food on the day of chemo as, you will be throwing out after chemo, you may not able to eat in the first go and you will need food for the second time and we are happy to comply.

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