Chronic Disease Food

We as human beings all suffer from some kind of chronic disease whether it is high pressure, Thyroid, high Cholesterol, even constipation, dyspepsia, migraine, asthma, gluten allergy and many more. While we love to ignore our symptoms and that aggravates our problems only. Whether we accept or not we are under huge stress, and that is affecting our health, month end target, delivery, execution, order volume, salary issues, family expectation meet up, all these are leading us to a real bad state of health; unfortunately we are putting our precious life in danger.  This Chronic disease is a double edged sword; the productivity of work of the person decreases as well as the organization suffers due to lack of productivity. Food is the balancer of all chronic disease.

 Our food not only ensures good health but at the same time it ensures that the food we are providing must increase productivity of the person while in work, especially in the second half, when they tend to fall asleep after having their lunch, so it is important to have different set of lunch pattern that will boost energy and keep you healthy throughout your day. This practice of healthy eating should be brought consciously by both organization and employees who are working relentlessly.  If you are retired or staying at home, you too need special diet for your health. Do not worry because we know, what’s best for your health. If you are into insulin, then be rest assured, your food will reach to you before your insulin shot, because we know, you have to take your food just after you have taken insulin shot.

 To taste our food and our service, all you need to do is to call us, whatsapp us or mail us.

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