Sudden Trauma Food

It’s very normal for people to go through trauma whether it is physical or mental. Physical trauma are visible and easy to address like people who suddenly diagnosed with jaundice, or people who have suffered injuries due to accident, or may be some kind of surgery like Appendix removal, Gall stone removal, hernia operation, kidney stone removal, or suffering from dengue, swine flu, or some serious issues like hysterectomy, Tumor operation etc. In most of the cases office (if not government) doesn’t allow leave for more than 7 days. When faced with these traumas, healing takes time, in some cases it takes a lot of time and right food is the only cure. We can claim ourselves an expert in these fields as in our organization; we involve doctors, nutritionists, even microbiologist who would validate about our food ingredients, how hygienic our food is.

We also have food for mental trauma, people who are suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, or other issue like PTSD including heart break, there is nothing that a good food cannot heal. Our taste buds act as mood enhancer, we even provide Cadbury to patients who are constantly fighting with themselves in their mind. We are not only a food supplier we are the emotional supporter of your entire being.

Pregnancy Food
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